"Clever girl..." Best Jerassic Park scene.


It’s a scenebuild


Is the execution really that bad? I thought it was ok…

Too much contrast.

If your recreating a scene of a awsome movie… do it right. He has a SPAS-12, so the character in your pose should have one. Also, I do believe that Raptor is a NPC. Thirdly, the camera was not up in his face, it was a bit back showing the weapon and half his body, fix that next time if your doing a movie scene.


There are raptor NPCs? where the fuck I have been?!

Edit, needs moar contrast.

Edit, Chesty already said that damn.

Just toned it down.


Look below you. Oh, and the raptor is not an npc, you can see where I originally posed him in the scenebuild picture.

Yeah, but it’s still somewhat half of his body. The actual point is there is no shotgun in his hand like the movie showed.

Look at the bottom picture of what chesty posted. I had to do the face shot because as far as I’m aware there are no models with that style of clothing so I used a citizen. I did it upclose to hide the blue jumpsuit.

This section needs more Jurassic Park :buddy:


Me likes

You like the movie so much that you can’t even spell the name right.

Also the raptor looks he’s got :downs:


I don’t like the movie that much…I just really like that scene. And I really don’t care with spelling at this point of the thread, apparently it’s such a piece of shit it gets dumbs and one funny.

The raptor’s lower jaw is too far up, I would consider it broken, but I’m a dino nerd :pseudo:
It never went that far unless dislocated, I don’t know if any species did that like a snake would, interesting possibility though.
that’s the only posing issue, that and the angle, and the lighting bothers me for some reason…

I want to watch that movie now…

Me too, or start making more JP themed screens…
man those movies are friggin awesome…
except for JP3 I was pissed when I left the theater…
rant rant

I was just watching this movie



FUCK YEAH 1990’s

Hell yeah ^

I still have that VHS! :razz:
and I still have the VHS for The Lost World!
** Hell yeah! **

I have both movies on VHS and DVD in my room.

Once I went to a goodwill in Evansville, I swear there were like eight copies of Jurassic Park and the Lion King on VHS

I got a bunch of VHS films but I don’t got a VHS Player.