Click here to help bring legacy back

If your like me and want legacy to come back and get some update and bring a community back to it go here to vote so we can show garry

We don’t want you to give up the new rust we just want legacy to be playable again it was the only good skill based survival game

Yes! I voted yes! Please help this cause!!!

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Sorry, not happening. garry addressed this back in March:

We dont want him to give up the new rust we just want the old rust to get a few updates to make it playable again

Fortunately, it is not your decision.

Who knows what they will do in the future with Legacy? I hope people vote so we can see what players think.

Send this to friends to make this big

These types of posts have been happening basically every day since Experimental was publicly available.
I’m not sure how many times it will take to explain this to people, but it won’t happen. Garry and the devs have spent more time developing Experimental than Legacy, and you know it’s not going to happen when they start calling the old version “Legacy”.
Why go back when they already have more work done on Experimental and still making tons of sales?

If they wont bring back legacy then at least make the gun fights skill based thats what made it so good

They spent more time on experimental, because they let the hackers win. Did they even try to add a decent fucking anti cheat? Or did they just pat themselves on the back and let shitty VAC do all the work.

(User was banned for this post ("Dumb posts, read the dev blog before posting here and making silly assumptions" - postal))

This is what the problem is with the new rust they are spending too much time and getting too much content it needs to be more simple I don’t know if anyone else noticed but rust legacy used to be huge and I still have no idea why they quit on it they could have let the game still live added a better anti cheat like EAC and fix the bugs when they get found thats all we ask they could bring back a huge community and make even more sales if they just spent the time to do that.

I would just be happy knowing what the reason was to quitting on legacy? Why did you give up on it garry? It had so much potential, Reviews on steam were amazing, then they went to shit because of hackers that you never tried to ban, and really went to shit when the new rust came out and you stole 20$ from us, and on the main menu on the new rust it says “Tell us what you think about the game!” And shows a negative review. That’s honestly really fucking depressing knowing that the reviews are shit and you boast and are smart asses about negative reviews.

Cool bean, even though some people like Legacy also, very few people will agree that FP should abandon the new Rust and go back to Legacy. There is no way FP would do that.

They had good reasons to make the new version. But they can still improve the new version to make it better.

I think the most we can hope for is at a later time they do a bit of work on legacy and keep it running. Or open it more to be improved through mods.

We arent saying abandon the new rust, We just want the old rust updated, and hackers banned. Knowing garry is doing great at banning hackers on the new rust, It shouldnt be hard banning them on the old rust.

Cinder we dont want them to abandon is just fix the bugs in legacy and add a better anti cheat thats all we ask make it playable again

I don’t disagree. Legacy is great and runs much better than the new version. The challenge for FP IMO is to make new Rust better. They are making huge improvements.

But I am all for keeping Legacy playable also.

Why on EARTH would garry devote one minute of developer time to a pile of shit-ridden code he abandoned a year and a half ago that is never going to be finished? That was the POINT of starting clean with experimental. A minute spent on legacy is a minute wasted on not finishing Rust.

Do/did you go back and polish first drafts of your school essays from the previous year even though you wouldn’t get graded on it?

garry has zero incentive to fix bugs in an abandoned first draft of Rust. If you play legacy, accept that you’re playing legacy as-is and nothing will ever be done with it.

And, yes, cinderstar, I do know because garry and the other devs have said this repeatedly for the last year and a half, ever since work stopped on the damn thing and experimental became the focus. The new version of Rust is actually going to be finished. Legacy has far far far far too many critical design flaws to make it worthwhile.

If it was a boat and you put it in the water, it’d start growing barnacles before it was even finished sinking, that’s how terrible a wreck it was.

This all goes back on Rust being Early Access. Legacy is rather stable compared to Experimental (for obvious reason), but it wasn’t what the Devs wanted, so they scrapped development. In doing that, they also said that support is dropped to better improve Experimental. They gain nothing from going back to fix Legacy in any form, they would actually be wasting resources to fix something that is going to be scrapped.

I know a big group of people who want legacy back they could bring a big chunk of the community back if they do this

I think the major problem with the development of rust, is that in legacy we had zombies, they were removed because every survival game was zombie based. then we got red animals. they were not as good as zombies, but were still some sort of challenge. this new version, is barrels. sure, theres bears and wolfs we need to watch out for, and they are going to apparently fix them, but the game needs a super aggro NPC or something. Also, the guns need fixing, the range on these new guns is too much. However, i think guns themselves also need the ability for silencers or holo sights or something, there was nothing better than raiding people or interrupting a raid of someone by using a silenced bolty.

Building is pretty good, but the stability should not show to anyone but the base owner. I dont want people to know for example i have a 3x3 of foundations, but a floor in the middle. obviously its going to be hiding a box or something under it. As it is, stability tells people where to break in…

just my 2 cents worth of 3500 hours of playing.

Does “big group” number in the hundreds of thousands? Even if it did, Rust sold over 2.4 million copies, so you’d need a majority to get the devs’ attention.