'Clickable Buttons' problem.

The Advanced Pod Controller has an option to enable ‘clickable butttons’ whilst sitting in the seat, supposedly allowing people to control buttons without pressing ‘e’ on them and obviously, getting out of the seat. I am experiencing a problem with this however, as i find that when using a toggle button i can activate it using the clickable buttons method and yet not turn it off again. I dont know whether this is just me, or a problem with wiremod. I have Wire SVN btw, answering all those people who simply post ‘update ure wire’ as an answer. Any advice or coments?

If there is an article about this anywhere, please post link.

The fact that you have Wire SVN doesn’t solve all problems. If you’re playing multiplayer, the server you’re on could have an outdated version… so it wouldn’t be your fault.

I’ll try this myself.
So, a toggle button won’t turn off once turned on while sitting in a chair and clicking it with Mouse1. Right?


Tested it. You’re right. You should report this on Wiremod’s bug tracker: http://www.wiremod.com:8080/secure/Dashboard.jspa

Ye, i also have this problem. Can anyone fix?

Ok, i’ve posted issue on Wiremod bug tracker. Hopefully someone will fix soon :smiley: