Clicking does nothing but camera.

I started up hammer, tried to select a brush, and all it did was a camera movement and crosshair (I was using the select tool). Same thing with all the others. I restart it and it still doesn’t work. Any tips?

Save your map, open up task manager and end Hammer.exe. Load up hammer again and it should be fixed.

No luck.

EDIT: What the fuck, I accidentally loaded the wrong map and clicking worked. Hold on.

Try alt Z

It fixed itself when I loaded a new map. Thanks.

May I suggest waiting a bit, not seeing that 0OH MAN! IT DOESN’T WORK! Than go to FP instantly? Try stuff first, exit out, maybe restart computer. Most of the time restarting will fix stuff.

When this happens to me, I just send a few messages to some Steam friend. That usually fixes it, somehow.

It’s because you end up pressing the space bar.

Here’s how it works:
If you’re browsing youtube, or any media player for that matter (on the internet) and go into fullscreen, Hammer was go into camera-only mode. As soon as you go into Hammer and press the spacebar, it’ll go back to normal.

Test it, go on youtube, fullscreen a video, press esc, then go on hammer without pressing space bar, it’ll be in camera-only mode.

yeah, it’s space bar.

Tapping space twice fixes it for me

Next time this happens- Hit the space key until it goes away. I think it’s some unlisted shortcut to scroll using the mouse.

Some of us don’t have friends… :sigh:

We aren’t friends? Fine I’m removing you off my friends list on steam.