Clicking on Flags tab Crashes Editor?

It seems 1/2 of the time I click on “Flags” in the properties box Hammer crashes.
I’m using OrangeBox/Ep2 configs.
There is no indication of to when it does it, I just usually CTRL S and hope for the best!

Do you have this issue also?
If so, how can I fix it?

Here is what it shows the moment before crashing.

Does it to any entity.

Its a known issue, but there isn’t a fix as far as I’ve learned.

Darn, It gets annoying when you forget that this crashes you…
[Insert Joke About Valve]
Oh well.

It is interesting how many people get odd and varied bugs with the editor. Mine occasionally crashes but that doesn’t matter too much with a 2 min autosave, but i do get flashing decals :frowning:

I just hope no one with epilepsy uses my editor.

Oh yeah, I get the flashing Decals also.
AND, when SHIFT+Z’ing for fullscreen 3d it spazzes out and wont let me use the Z camera.

To fix the decals you have to turn off shaded texture polygons to just textured.