Clienside Script To Zoom On Any Weapon?

I hope I’m not asking for something really difficult, but personally I’d like to see a zoom script that allows you to zoom in on any weapon.

You’d really only need to change the FoV to do this. Couldn’t be too hard.

Would having a toggle for the FoV to zoom in, be easy to do? I have kermite’s weapons pack, but I’m disappointed on how the scopes on the guns don’t zoom in when you right click, it only shows a scope overlay.

Go to and look for scrippies. Go to that facepunch link and download the most recent. Then bind like this: bind mouse3 +falco_zoom
Replace mouse3 with whatever key unless you want mouse3. =P
That is the best zoom I’ve ever seen since it can reach as far as you want it to.

I always thought that would holster your gun or something, like some sort of binoculars.