"Client 0 has overflowed reliable channel.."


I have been trying to play Wrathexe’s DarkRP server, or Dissaray Gaming, and I have put a lot of effort into it. I am prestige 10, lvl 100 (that’s a lot of printing), I have donated 30.00 dollars, and have played for the last month.

No one else has been getting this issue.

However, me and Wrath have been trying to find the cure for this… Everytime I join, it shows the MOTD, then quits on me saying either

or this.

It’s so annoying that I have reinstalled Garry’s Mod, verified game cache (lots) unsubscribed all addons. My only option is to reformat my PC.

(I have restarted my router, and have done console commands)

I can join any other server no problem but DG I cannot.

Please, this is urgent. Thank you!

Could you run debug_dump in your console and upload the file it outputs here? The file will be saved to SteamApps/GarrysMod/debug_dump.txt and may include the values of ConVars like “sv_password” or “rcon_password”, so you might want to modify them out if they are set.