Client Addon Loader

I posted this a while back, but no one really saw it and I’ve made it a lot better.

As everyone has noticed, client addons don’t load automatically. They mount, but don’t load. So I made something where you can just look through your files in select folders to load, it will recursively load all lua files.

Note: sv_allowcslua needs to be set to 1. (Obviously)


  • Run lua_openscript_cl autorun/addon-loader.lua (I bind a key to it)
  • Use the console commands:
    • loadaddon_menu; Brings up a menu to load a folder.
    • loadaddon <directory>; Loads the given directory.


  • Bind a key to “lua_openscript_cl autorun/addon-loader.lua; loadaddon_menu” (This loads it, and opens the menu.)
  • The lua/ folder shows all mounted Lua files because that’s how Garry’s Mod actually loads stuff, so if you see more folders there than you actually have, that’s normal.




I get it now. They’re not in the LUA path, where the Lua files are loaded from.
Glad you took your time to explain.

I’m talking about client-only addons, stuff you would have JUST on the client. (Wallhacks, ESPs, etc)

No it doesn’t.

Oh, I didn’t know you meant it like that.

Anyway, something I just noticed and really hoping to try to fix, this freezes your game if you try loading large folders. Obviously because it’s trying to load so many files, but I’m not quite sure how to go about fixing it. Anyone?