Client.dll Not Working

Now hello. I don’t know if this post is up anywhere else but I didn’t find one so I am writing about a recent fault in my Garry’s Mod copy. I bought it a while back and only about 3 and a half days could I play as after the third day, it displayed a message. Couldn’t load Client.dll try again later. Of course I did but the same message appeared.
If anyone else has this problem and may know whats going on, I will see the post and find out. I haven’t played Gmod in a long time.

Also screenshot of exact error will be more helpful.

I’m sorry but none of that worked out for my game. If there is another way you know please tell me.
(I couldn’t produce a picture of the problem, Sorry)

Looks like you haven’t got the luck of the Irish. Delete C:/Progam Files/Steam/steamapps/common/Garrysmod/garrysmod/bin/client.dll and then verify integrity of game cache again to have the file redownloaded, that should fix the problem

I guess the luck isn’t easy to find. Your help was nice but alas it didn’t work for my problem.
Maybe it is a small problem that I can fix (If I know how) or its too far for me to fix and Garry has
to fix it. Thanks again.