client dll

I want to be able too get the client who joins our server too download a dll mod that I can use in my lua coding
but im not sure how to make it download

You can’t, you’ll never be able to do this.

the reason I wanted too add a dll is because I cant seen to find something like md5 that doesnt need a dll

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if this helps
I dont really care about the security aspects
the use is basicly to shrink a large amount of text into a small string (file contents into a simple 40 char string for example)
there is no need to reverse the process, I simple want to compare that result with a table

I’m assuming you’re talking about gm_cryptopp? If so, stream the data to the server and have the server encrypt it.

i managed to get a simple lua hash function, gives me a number thats usually about 8 digits long