Client FPS Dropping 50% within 60 minutes

Hi, so when joining my server I get anywhere from 80 - 90 FPS. It does not matter the up time of the server and I usually join with 30 players or more. Within 60 minutes, my FPS will drop to a solid 30 - 40. To fix this, I just reconnect and it simply “resets” and I will have 80 - 90 FPS again. I know the issue is most likely related to poorly coded addons (or too many) but my question is this. The issue seems to be client side since they only have to reconnect. They don’t even have to close their game out completely. They just have to do a simple reconnect. My question is, are there any commands I can run on the client to clean up the cache or to flush everything out? I already tried every flush command out there but maybe I am not seeing something. Thanks for the help!

i have had this issue with a poorly coded hud, try a different hud and see if that fixes this.
as far as i know there are not Con commands to “flush”

Sure, I can definitely try that. Its just the FPS drop only happen when there are real players in the server. Bots do not trigger it and I tried spawning and using every feature that’s currently in the server and had no luck. I will try your idea though, thanks.

Edit: Seem to have having the same issue even with the hud removed.

Take a pic of your addons and give us workshop link.

Sorry, I forgot I had this thread. After doing some more research, I found that I am hitting the “WaveData” limit. This happens if I remain in the server for a while. I was not able to find any information regarding what “WaveData” is except I guess its related to sound files. After rejoining, my WaveData resets to normal. I will look into what sounds are increasing the cache by an insane amount, remove them and report back here if there is any difference. The first picture is me joining the server fresh. The second one is playing around for 45 min - 2 hours

see if “stopsounds” works it might be a quick fix to any issues you may be having with sound files (though its never that easy sadly)

Could be an issue with your map file, maybe a sound looping forever but the volume is 0? IDK but might be worth trying another map for a bit

I don’t think so. We run a generic DarkRP server on the most generic map available (downtown v4c v2 ). I don’t know if there are any issues that would make something like this happen. I removed a ton of sounds being played from the server and now it only hits around 40% - 50% of its cache now. This may just be a placebo effect but it seemed to help a little. I am currently removing addons one by one and will eventually find the issue but is there anything in my server cfg that would possibly do this? Here is my config. Beware, its pretty beefy.

Also, is there any functions in addons I should be looking for? I have been removing tick and think functions left and right from addons that don’t need them but at the same time, those are only ran on the server and not the client right?

Oh hey, you’re actually the guy from the DarkRP forums I messaged 2 months ago about the crashing problem with playermodels. My name on the forums was Sugar Tits, small world. Uhh sure if you want my workshop link its here

Its just addons that are compressed and modified to be fit for the server. Down the list of what each one contains:

cstmwep: A ton of random weapons / CSGO guns, ect.
materialandtextoly: Textures and materials for some addons + food entities
modifiedweapons: Mostly scripts like Sit Anywhere, Anti Player Stuck. Also has some tools like stacker, fading doors and keypads. Also has some random weapons in it.
plyp1: Playermodels
cstmplyrmdl1: Playermodels
cstmplyrmdl2: Playermodels
cstmwep2: Very small pack containing 4 weapons
cstmdlwepty: 2 - 3 playermodels + TFA CSS with custom sounds but default models

As for scripts, they are here

Now the server in general runs very smooth at full player capacity and my initial FPS is around 80 - 90 with 30+ people. Just after 20 minutes you can notice FPS just plummeting. Sometimes the issue can be present with only 15 players but the higher the player count the faster it seems to degrade.

If you have any insight, please let me know! Thanks.

At first glance, I would try removing atlas chat.

Does it get very stuttery and jittery?

Never. Server CPU is always below 60% - 70% and initial frames seems to be fine. I have been on another server with Atlas Chat and I never lost any frames, given that I was on there for 30 minutes and it was prophunt so not too many people were talking in the chat.

I also just ran a script that floods that chat with with text every button press and it DID freeze the client for around half a second when 10 messages are ran every button click. I tried the default chat and the client never froze. I also went from 140 frames -> 90 frames. Rejoining resets my frames. I will try removing this addon, thanks.

Fresh join:[/t]

After spam


if im not mistaken dlogs is extremely outdated, unless you fixed it yourself

Try to remove simpleweather.
And how many permanent textscreens do you have?

Yea sorry for the late response. Removing Atlaschat worked 100%. I tried probably like 4 other chat boxes but I found the default one was just superior because only drops FPS by 5 - 10 when its “filled” with messages. Thanks again Nick!