Client freezing

I noticed that my client will frequently lock up, requiring me to drop to the desktop and force close the program. It seems like dialing my graphics all the way down (“fastest”) causes this to happen less frequently, but it remains an issue. This happens on multiple servers so it seems unlikely that it’s a server or networking issue. When it happens, the client becomes completely unresponsive, so I can’t even pull up any networking stats. Upon relaunch, everything works perfectly.

I remember this being a problem a while back, and I thought it was fixed. I’m on an AMD 8320E with 16 GB, SSD storage, and R9 280 graphics, all under Windows 7 on a hardware FIOS connection. Not cutting edge, but plenty of horsepower to safely run Rust and then some.

Anyone else? Is this “just one of those things” that’s on the backburner? Are there any logs I can pull out after a crash?

Yup. Just got fucking raided whilst I froze right outside my house.

Myself and my clan mates have had this issue since last week’s update. It seems to occur when we get within about 100m from a medium+ size base. Sometimes, our clients will just stutter and keep on chugging. Other times, they freeze completely, requiring them to be shut down via the Task Manager.

It doesn’t seem to be hardware dependent. I run a current gen i7 with R9 270, another guy runs an AMD CPU with R9 270, another an i5 with nVidia, and the other a first gen i7 920 with nVidia. We’re all experiencing the same problems at the same places as the same time regardless of the server we’re on (we play on several servers).

Not the only one with the group I roll with. Several crashes at certain points and randomly on top of that.

Just freezes, not CTD. Have to force-close. Generally when teleporting, upgrading or running through through the landscape and sometimes gunfights.

You know, pretty much every aspect of the game.

Just an update, had this happen to me and my friend last night. I had just placed a sign and was getting ready to change the text. He had just dropped a sleeping bag. We were somewhat nearby each other, maybe 10 or so foundation blocks apart (not sure what that translates to in meters, sorry). We both crashed at the same time and had to relaunch.

It’s important to note: this does not ALWAYS happen, and there are lots of times when large / complex / numerous structures all load without issue. Except from the example above, I can’t seem to find any common thing that causes this to happen. Sometimes it just does.

I find that SIGNs are what is causing me to crash. whenever i get into view of a building that has a sign in it somewhere, i seem to crash. no idea why.

i will just add to this, because i feel the same way,
The first time i put up a sign me and my friend did crash,
so well, we just logged back ind again, and it seemed to be no problem with the game.
some time later coming back from an in game deer hunt i got a crash more,
and my friend only got a big lag.
but every time i get a crash in this game i seemed to be the signs that do it,
so yea my guess to, is that it is the signs that are to blame for crashing my game

I’ve been playing around some more and only got it to happen one time. That’s when I respawned at my sleeping bag inside a MASSIVE base. This base is so huge that newmans frequently spawn inside, so I’ve put multiple signs on the inside walls pointing them to the escape platform.

That’s the ONLY time it crashed.

Signs cause the freezes for me. It’s not bases. Tested theory by putting a sign in my base. Froze every time I came home. Removed the sign, no more crashes…

Confirmed. Base with no signs are fine. With a sign, they crash as soon as we get into render distance.

Problem is, this doesn’t always happen. Is it happening consistently for you guys? Can you post your specs? Just curious to know if I’m maybe averting it sometimes because I have 16 GB instead of 8 GB, or ATI vs NVidia, or Intel vs AMD, or what.

Windows 7, 64 bit
ASUS Motherboard X99-DELUXE
Intel Core i7
Nvidia Geforce GTX 760

I also appear to have the same issue although I have only had it once when placing a sign. I can run around inside my house that has multiple signs inside without issue. I have crashed when leaving to go kill a bear, it crashed and the bear killed me! I find it happens most when running through the map, sometimes with no bases in sight!

It also happens to other people on the server I’m on most, which isn’t busy so there are only a few scattered bases around. I may try some other servers too to see if the same thing happens.

Pretty sure it’s not my system as it’s a brand new build that I’ve just completed and stress tested! Build specs below.

i7 4790k @ 4.6Ghz
Asus Hero VII
16Gb Corsair Vengeance 2133Mhz
Samsung 850Evo 256Gb
Win 8.1 64bit

Temps are fine, CPU never goes above 35/36 and GPU sits at 34/35 my fan curves sacrifice noise to keep things cooler. I get the same issue at 1440 and 1080p and graphics settings not maxed so I average out around 108/112 FPS!

Waiting to see if the next update makes things a bit more stable although I’m not looking forward to a busy post wipe server with crashing issues!

fairly sure there is a memory leak at the moment my client starts off at 4.5gb and gradually increases until my client freezes and crashes

Signs still crashing many players. Fix please.