Client not including files

Okay guys. I’d be working on a gamemode I’ve been making, and all of a sudden my clientside scripts decide not to load. I can’t find any rhyme or reason to this.

I’m not getting any errors before them not loading, and I can’t see any problem in my code (it’s possible I’ve overlooked some, I’m kinda new to gmod lua coding).

Here’s what I’m getting:
Couldn’t include file ‘shared.lua’ (File not found) (@gamemodes/theunseen/gamemode/cl_init.lua (line 11))
Couldn’t include file ‘sh_round.lua’ (File not found) (@gamemodes/theunseen/gamemode/cl_init.lua (line 12))
Couldn’t include file ‘cl_round.lua’ (File not found) (@gamemodes/theunseen/gamemode/cl_init.lua (line 13))
Couldn’t include file ‘sh_weapons.lua’ (File not found) (@gamemodes/theunseen/gamemode/cl_init.lua (line 14))
Couldn’t include file ‘util.lua’ (File not found) (@gamemodes/theunseen/gamemode/cl_init.lua (line 15))
Couldn’t include file ‘mapvote\cl_mapvote.lua’ (File not found) (@gamemodes/theunseen/gamemode/cl_init.lua (line 16))

And my code can be found here:


Also, for all ye inquisitive folks, yes this is a gmod remake of Hidden:Source. Yes, I know there’s the stalker, it just doesn’t feel right to me.

Thanks for any help you guys can give,

Sounds like there’s a bug in your cl_init file… Also just wondering why are you returning false for GM:SpawnMenuOpen when it’s a Sandbox function?

That was my first assumption also, but I can remove everything from the cl_init.lua and it still doesn’t add them (same errors), and I can also try adding each file by itself and they each give the same error, so obviously it’s something more. What exactly, though, is what I’m trying to figure out.

It seems to load on my dev server, all I had to change is

[lua]if v.teamkills and v:teamkills:IsValid() and v.teamkills > 2 then[/lua]


[lua]if v.teamkills and v:IsValid() and v.teamkills > 2 then[/lua]
(the line is in init.lua)