Client overflow? server side error?

L 10/24/2014 - 17:45:05: “cashiecoolrock<100><STEAM_0:0:65327200><>” disconnected (reason “Client 0 overflowed reliable channel.”)
so today this happened and I have no clue what it is caused by can anyone tell me why this happens and how to prevent it?

Read the name of the thread and think about what you just asked.

This happens when a player joins and is spawned in an area where a lot of people are talking ( too many voice channels = overflow and dc ). It can also happen if you’re networking too much data to the client via net/umsg. It can happen in game, if you try sending say 100 messages of 64kb to a client, they’ll overflow. I’m not sure of the exact buffer but I’m sure it is less than ~6mb, probably closer to 1mb or less…

Make sure you only sync data to client after they’ve fully joined, and if you need to network a LOT of data, spread it out using timers ( basically the way my net system works is when it sends multiple packets, it spaces the net.Send out by using timers… It uses a for look, and k is a number that increments so it just takes k * time to send packet so that each packet gets fully sent before the next is sent ).

What game-mode is this?