Client requesting crazy file number?

No idea what’s going on. We upgraded providers, removed/added certain things, and also installed an Anti-Cheat which was supposed to solve this error. We had no problems with this and running flawlessly for days. Then today, we got this again:

Client requesting crazy file number (65535)

The server just goes off and on until we restart it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

-snip- Refer to Meep’s post.

*Fixed in the next update

( Only if developer is set to 0 ) (Which is default)

Update for what, if I might ask?

*Also I was the one to make the post on CAC fixing it, but this isn’t the case any longer. We now once again get this error.

Wait for the update

I am sorry, I gave someone a binary module to recreate the net system in menu state, but it also had a method of dos in it that could be highly effective. Some skid thought it’d be great to steal it on an hvh server and brag to all his friends about being able to do it.

I have created a module to effectively stop this for the time being.

You can kick a player if the file is not in the list.
See here: