How do i communicate with a derma panel from a server function?
Example: user presses button1 on frame1 > run server function > frame1 is altered.

you can use commands or the net library


concommand.Add(“request_random_number”, function(ply, c, a)
local num = math.random(1,9)
ply:ConCommand("get_random_number " … num)

derma_thing = vgui.Create(“DButton”)
derma_thiong.OnPressed = function()

concommand.Add(“get_random_number”, function(p, c, a)
local number = a[1]

For example, im tired & i have no idea if i even wrote it right but atleast i tried to show you.

you can use “if’s” like if the panel is open etc…

Learn how to use the net library.
Concommands for that sort of thing are a sort of a bad idea. Concommands are supposed to be commands, not a way for the client to communicate with the server - that’s the purpose of the Net library.

i mentioned that you can use the net library too, but concommands is the easiest way for beginners.

Actually the console commands are the perfect way to do this. That’s how spawning props in GMod works. It just runs “gm_spawn modelname”

i like concommands for this sort of thing as it allows users to make binds to do things more efficiently

I’m guessing he meant to say that using a clientside concommand for server->client communication is a bad idea, which it is.

Thanks SweetTea, that helped a heap!
And after seeing typedef’s post i worked out how to use net too, killing two birds with one stone.