Client side Adv Duper?

Basically, I’m usually playing on a server which doesn’t have an advanced duplicator, yet it has a duplicator. The server actually disables adv duper.

Just want to know, is there any way around this?
I’d like to be able to save contraptions to my comp, and be able to load em up on this server without the advanced duplicator.

How does the server disabling certain tools work? Does it block specific tools or only enable specific tools?

Btw I’m sticking with this server whether I can fix this or not…

ty in advance

  1. *Adv Dupe
  2. This is possible, but frankly doing it isn’t the easiest job in the world and it’d open up a fair few exploits since the anti-admin-weapon-spawning or anti-npc-spawning stuff is all serversided.
  3. They probably don’t block the tool as such, but if they don’t have the tool you can’t use it. It’s that simple.