Client Side Chat Muter

Sorta like the way you can mute players when they use their mics, but with chat. I am tired of looking at people type and minge over chat, so if there is an addon that mutes player clientside that would be nice.

Oh not a bad idea. I second this.

[lua]local SteamIDMute = {“STEAMID_0:0:EXAMPLE”}
function Chatmute( player, strText, bTeamOnly, bPlayerIsDead )
if not ValidEntity(LocalPlayer()) then return end
if ValidEntity(player) then
for k,v in pairs(SteamIDMute) do
if player:SteamID() == v then
return true
hook.Add(“OnPlayerChat”, “MuteChat”, Chatmute)[/lua]


This isn’t a contest to see who’s is better neater what ever.