Client side death warning sound

I was trying to edit Excl’s jailbreak to make a sound play clientside for 3 seconds when the warden dies, When the warden dies a notification is given but it can be easily not seen and because the warden is dead his previous orders are void but some guards don’t see that hes dead and it leads to RDM. What I want to do is make a sound (ambient/alarms/alarm_citizen_loop1.wav) play for 3 seconds after the warden is killed. I’m pretty much useless at coding so feel free to laugh at my attempt below.

This is inside sv_player.lua:

if victim.GetWarden and IsValid(JB.TRANSMITTER) and JB.TRANSMITTER:GetJBWarden() == victim:GetWarden() then
JB:BroadcastNotification("The warden Has Died!")
	for k,v in pairs(team.GetPlayers(TEAM_GUARD))do
		if v:Alive() and v ~= victim then
			JB:BroadcastNotification("Prisoners get freeday");

So I tried adding this below JB:BroadcastNotification

timer.Simple( 3, ply:StopSound(“npc/zombie/zombie_alertambient/alarms/alarm_citizen_loop1.wav”))

There was a few other ways I tried to emit the sound but none of them worked so I gave up. Any help is much appreciated Thanks.

Are you sure that the code is being run? Have you added prints in your code to see?

No I don’t even know how to, As I said I’m pretty clueless at lua.