client side error message

hi all

wiremod give me a lot of (error?) messages on te right of the screen… can i hide client side messages?


Which error is it?

addons\wire\lua\autorun\e2toolscreen.lua:123: attempt to call upvalue “viewmodeldrawn” (a nil value)

the mod is the lastest from svn

Apparently not. That error indicates the wire is old.
Which SVN address are you using?


Uh… they might need to update Wire, there’s been a recent update


No, just normal wiremod.
Did you ever edit the file though, because some SVN software ignores edited files. Delete the wire folder, and redownload via svn again, also delete your dua folder.
Located in: steam/steamapps/username/garrysmod/garrysmod/cache/dua

Should all work then.