Client-Side FastDL Issue?


I play on a server that has a functioning FastDL system, yet my client doesn’t seem to be able to connect to it? All of the textures from other games work fine, yet any custom textures that require FastDL just don’t load and instead are presented by ‘no texture’ textures. I also cannot use FastDL to download any maps from the server, where I’ll get the message (paraphrasing) “map not found… disconnecting”, even though the server has the map files stored in FastDL to be able to download to my client.

Is this an issue I can fix, or? I’m using the Steam BETA thing, if this helps.


Contact the owner of the server. He me be able to help you. As we dont own the server you play on, we cannot assist you. Most likely, the owner has it setup incorrectly and its not downloading. Again, contacting him would be the best idea.