Client-Side HUDPaint issues.

Here’s the code to the HUD that is clientside.

function DrawHealthDisplay()
	local ply = LocalPlayer()
	if ply:Alive() == true then
		if ply.nextheal == nil then
			ply.nextheal = 0
		local scw, sch
		scw = ScrW()
		sch = ScrH()
		local bwdith = scw / 8.5
		local bheight = 23
		if ply.nextheal > CurTime() then
			draw.RoundedBox( 6, 30, sch - 120, bwdith, bheight, Color( 255, 0, 0, 25 ) )
			draw.RoundedBox( 6, 30, sch - 120, bwdith, bheight, Color( 0, 255, 0, 25 ) )
		local struc = {}
		struc.pos = {}
		struc.pos[1] = 125
		struc.pos[2] = sch - 109 -- y pos
		if ply.nextheal > CurTime() then
			struc.color = Color(255,0,0,255)
			struc.text = "Next heal in: " .. math.Round(ply.nextheal - CurTime())
			struc.color = Color(0, 255,0,255)
			struc.text = "You can heal now."
		struc.font = "Trebuchet18"
		struc.xalign = TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER
		struc.yalign = TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER
		draw.Text( struc )
hook.Add("HUDPaint", "DrawHealingBar", DrawHealthDisplay)

ply.nextheal is modified from outside this script as well. It runs perfectly on my side, however, I’m also the host of the server. In the other script, I have added to it:


As these scripts are located in my: “Garrysmod\Garrysmod\Lua\Autorun” folder.

The main script is: “Autorun/Healing_test.lua”
The secondary script is: “Autorun/client/cl_Healing_test.lua”

The hud is being painted on the client, since I’ve added “ADDCSLuaFile” however, it’s not being changed when the ply.nextheal variable is modified. Like I said, it works perfectly on my side, just not on the client’s side.

Read about Usermessages They will let you send a value from the server to the client to update the ply.nextheal variable.

Thanks, I just read up about them, and implemented a usermessage hook into my code. It works flawlessly now. Thanks again.

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Now I have another error that I didn’t notice:

attempt to call global 'RecipientFilter' (a nil value)

and my current code to send from server to client is:

                local filter = RecipientFilter()
		umsg.Start("nextheal", filter)

Don’t bother using recipientfilter if you are only sending it to one player, just use the player as the argument instead of filter in umsg.Start

When switching to that, now I get the error:

attempt to index global 'umsg' (a nil value)

And everything still works though. and again, the error is a onetime error, doesn’t repeat everytime.

Are you doing umsg: or umsg.

umsg. not umsg:

Are you calling it on the server? (Like you should do)

I am now, and there are no errors, thanks.