Client Side Mute(Trolls are so joyful)

So, Mulcher a troll was mass mic spamming, We can’t find where he lives so he just keeps coming back and mic spamming… We can’t stop it we have fired more than 500 bullets at him, Hatched him and more. There is no way in stopping him we NEED a client side mute, Devs please for the love of everything sane please add this in.

Pretty sure this is going to be a feature in the standalone

This would be a great feature, I have had similar problems.

Your poll is a bit accusing. I’ve requested this feature before and Garry replied with pretty much “no, just kill the guy like in real life”. Disagreeing with the option shouldn’t automatically make you a troll.


Maybe the reason was you were harassing him, killing him newspawned? Anyhow, deal with it