Client-Side Player Model

In the Jedi Knight series of games players can have custom models for multiplayer in an “unpure” server. If a player doesn’t have anothers’ model, the model will default to “Kyle Katarn’s”. In a “pure” server, players can only use the custom models that the server has (which is what Garry’s Mod servers do).

I request that a similiar system be programmed into Garry’s Mod. I request this because there are too many player models for servers to keep up with and I would like to use my custom player models while playing.
If there is currently a lua script that allows this unconditionally, then I apologize for this post and request that I be linked to the corresponding thread.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Edit: A simple solution is to synchronize a table of strings containing the names of the current player models.

This. UT2004 had the same thing and it worked out fine. I endorse this suggestion.

Yes please.

Quake 3 also had this. Not sure if it’s possible in Source.

Don’t see why not. Just replace the ERROR that shows up when there’s a missing model with Kleiner when it’s a playermodel, and somehow enable custom playermodels on a clientside basis, rather than serverside.

I agree

Some gamemodes have this built in.