Client Sider Voice changer.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t possible but, even so itd be a fun idea to discuss.

Basically a voice changer not for the client himself, but for people he chooses. Whiny little kid being annoying? Flip it on and his voice, atleast to you, is now deeper. Now its a whiny adult, but no more ear splitting noises . Hell maybe just a clientsided mute button. Yeah better off that way.

Very possible you can just filter the incoming voice-data with sourcenet3.

There’s already a client sided mute button.

Pretty sure this would require a module, but I don’t see why it couldn’t me made. All you would have to do is add filters to the incoming sounds or change the pitch or something.

so this could actually work without using a external program?

While in-game there will be a option in top of the main menu something like “Mute other players” or something like it.