Client spawn weapons

hey lua gods, i would like to make or edit (not sure really) a script so that clients spawn with like buddy finder as default if you could give us like a template and were to put it that would be fine :smiley:
thanks -Benny

Not 100 percent on what you’re asking (or how you’re asking it to be done) but in a gamemode you’d have something like:
function GM:PlayerSpawn(ply)
ply:Give(“weapon_buddyfinder”)–Not sure if that’s what it’s lua file (folder) is called.
–or you could do that in loadout if all the players got it. (function GM:PlayerLoadout)
If that doesnt help, can you be more specific? Do you have any code already? Are you talking about something completely different?

If you’re doing it in sandbox, I’d just add the ply:Give … to the loadout.

Do it in PlayerLoadout not PlayerSpawn.

If you’re making it as an addon for a server (e.g. a Sandbox server) you will need to hook it to the gamemode’s GM:PlayerLoadout.

yeah sorry its for sandbox, wheres the file i edit (or put a created one) located?