Client Timed Out

On gmod loads of people get kicked with the error, Client Timed Out.
Any suggestions or is gmod broken

Turning off VAC (add -insecure to the launch parameters of the server) fixes it, but also makes your server insecure. It’s affecting everyone.


Thank god I’m not the only one with this issue. Other wise I thought I might have gone mad. It’s actually kind of funny… I got banned from a server because people thought I was causing the time outs. Got that resolved though.

Getting it as well.

I normally crash for no reason, but this just takes me back to the menu.

So this is happening for everyone? Great… I thought it was something with my router…

Im so glad it wasnt just me…I was afraid i’d screwed up my server

Me too, and couple of my friends, pretty much most of the people on a (prop hunt) server had this problem.

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It happens randomly

i have this problem on my local DS server…

Is this the only method of fixing?

Can anyone confirm this?

I can confirm this, been running it now for an hour, no timeouts so far.

I haven’t toggled VAC in a long time, could you remind me how to do it?

Add -insecure to your commandline

Turning off VAC works like a charm.

But turning VAC off welcomes all of the scum of Garry’s Mod to join and abuse the fact we put it off…

Which is why I refuse to turn it off ^.^
And so should you if you don’t want to “Welcome the scum of Garry’s Mod”

Its gotten to every 5 mins I time out along with everyone on the server, R.I.P

At least someone understands!

Don’t see the issue here, “the scum of Garry’s Mod” is the retards who use lua scripts to ruin the game for others.

Seeing as the only way to fix it is to remove VAC, I suppose we’re stuck here with our time outs until something is done.
I’m pretty sure the fact Garry’s Mod was transferred to steampipe is the cause of this. Somewhere along the way, VAC can’t transfer files and suddenly you’re disconnected. It sucks.