Client to Server, Help

hey i need to transfer like a value from Client to the Server on my gamemode, im making a model system where you can chose your model at start, but only one time. i tried with NWBool and stuff like in the cl_init but doesnt seem to work. and ill not use console commands.


ill just check if i can figure out how to use em


or can you give me a short tutorial?

Datastream uses concommands, so you’ll still be using them. And it’s much easier to use concommands directly if you know what you’re sending.

yes, its cause im using umsg to open a menu that sends a console command when you press on confirm. but ill like to disable that console command and use something else, cause i dont realy like people can type “player_change_model 5” in console and they will get male number 5

You can add a check to the concommand. If your clients know what they’re doing, they can hack datastream as well.

okay, thanks for your help.