ClientConVar is defaulting to 8000. Why?

I made this client convar: local radarRadius = CreateClientConVar(“radius”, “500”, true, false). Yet the first time I try to use it, it defaults to 8000 even though I clearly state for it to be 500. By ‘the first time’ I mean that I haven;t changed the cvar yet. Once I change the cvar it obviously stays the same between disconnects but if I go into cgf/gmod_cvars_cl.txt and remove the stored cvar then next it will be back at 8000! I even changed the cvar name to a random set of letters since I thought there might already be a cvar with that name but still no luck.
I have another cvar for enable which also is incorrectly starting up as enabled when I set it as a “0”

Here is how I access the radius: rRadius = radius:GetInt() and I used GetBool() for the enabled, so I’m pretty sure I’m doing it correctly. This is running on a server not a client-side script.

EDIT: Just saw the “What do you need help with” thread and I probably should’ve put this in there. Sorry! An admin can move it if they’d like

Remove the quotes around 500. 500 should be an integer, not a string!
CreateClientConVar(“radius”, 500, true, false)

I changed it and it didn’t fix the issue. Im pretty sure I can have a string as the wiki shows strings in the example.

Regardless, something else is still going on since it is still defaulting to 8000

EDIT: I’m an idiot. I forgot to remove the old code from a different file which set the convar to 8000. Please close this as I failed.