clientregistry.blob is corrupted... cant get rid of it

i cant go on steam or gmod etc because the clientregistry.blob is corrupted, i cant delete it otherwise a message comes up saying “the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable,” ive tried:
deleting steam
reinstalling steam
deleting the whole folder
cleaning my computer
searching for a virus

none have worked, any help?

P.S: if i go on another computer and go on steam it works

Try renaming it to clientregistryold.blob

tried that as well, forgot to say that

Hmmmm… What did it say when you renamed it?

it says “cannot rename client registry: the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable”

Try downloading Unlocker at
When u have installed it, rightclick the file you want to remove, and choose “Unlocker” in the menu. Then you can choose to delete it, rename or whatever you want.

I have it myself, and it works very good on all the files/folders that I can’t remove ordinary.

hmm… ok ill try it

for some reason Norton Antivirus says this site is unsafe so i dont want to risk going on it…
o well ill just have to reboot the computer, thanks anyway