Clients aren't downloading files


We’re hosting servers for gmod and lately we’ve been trying to get the Workshop downloads to work, but clients aren’t downloading anything from the garrysmod\addons folder. The commandline looks like this:

-norestart -console -game garrysmod -nohltv -condebug +maxplayers 8 +ip -port 27015 -authkey XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX +host_workshop_collection 156993924 +map "gm_flatgrass" +fps_max 66

The first time I started the server, I saw that the files was downloaded to the server and mounted. Afterwars when I restarted, it mounted all the files as it should do, but no clients are able to download the files.

What can be causing this?


Can anyone help me on this?

This happens to me also. Nobody is helping so im guessing nobody knows what to do

Well, someone gotta know how it can be done :stuck_out_tongue:

Clients don’t download the Workshop addons that way. You have to have them manually subscribe to them. Or, if you want, you could add:


and the client will manually download and mount it, like you are wanting them to. The way you are trying is just mounting the addons for use on the server.

This topic details given about the function Resource.AddWorkshop
At the moment the collection is completely downloaded from the Steam Workshop fail. Perhaps this feature will add in the next update. You will have to prescribe the ID of each Addon’s.

Thanks man, that was what I was looking for. I just thought that the client downloaded the files from the addons folder automaticly.