Clients aren't downloading the map.

This must sound like a pretty noobie help post huh, well you maybe right…

I’ve download a rp_downtown map and have extracted its one map file and placed it inside of my “map” folder within the server and fastdl synced it… What do i do now? people still cant download the map.

This is the workshop addon.

What error are they getting?

Make sure you also have the filling in your cfg/server.cfg

sv_downloadurl ""

It should go to the directory where maps/, materials/, and models/ are. see if making a bz2 of the .bsp helps

Would “” be the ftp ip or server ip? they’re both the same just different ports, or will i need to ask my server host for the infomation?

[editline]16th June 2015[/editline] Thats a screenshot of whats inside my map folder, i dont have a fastdl folder like some, just a button to sync fastdl. the map im using is the v4 one. Look right?

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That look right?

sv_downloadurl “ftp://CallumC@

No it would be a legit website like
Add me on Steam and I could further explain it if you want.

Yes please thank you :slight_smile: