clients crashing on shooting vehicles

Since 2 days this issue has been happening; if a car is shot it often crashes to desktop for all those close to the car. I haven’t added new addons or anything since then. Is there any ideas what can be causing this? Using TDMCars and M9K weapons. This was working fine for three weeks so whatever caused it now is hard to pinpoint.

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My mistake, there’s (atleast) two cars here that crashes it:
wasn’t any car then, my mistake and solved

Most likely bullet decals being applied to the vehicle. Try throwing bugbait at the effected cars and see if you crash, if so you know it’s the decals.

Depends on there texture/model settings depends on if they have this bug. We disabled bullet decals to fix this last time we needed to use TDM.

I would suggest, if nothing else works, switching to FA:S. Its a simple setup and should not provide to much of a strugle