Clients CTD Randomly From Server

Been having the problem awhile on one of my servers. Clients randomly crash to their desktop without any sort of warning.

The issue is very strange, other server of ours running the same addons or even more do not have this issue. Happens on any map.

Tried removing a lot of addons, have not tried all, but no avail.

Here is an MDMP file from one of the crashes

Here is the workshop collection

Also have a custom HUD, Scoreboard, ULX, and running DarkRP.

Can provide anymore information if needed (cvars, settings, etc.)

Any input would be good.

I see a lot of “npc_combine_s” being spawned, but them going to their desktop is unknown to me.

That was probably just during an event with a lot of NPCs being spawned. But it happens even when nothing is really going on.