Clients don't download custom sounds.

I need help configuring a server using FileZilla.
How do I make the clients computer download the custom sounds on the server?

It’s in a path in:


Someone please help.

Create a file in
with this in it:
Remember to turn it into a lua file.

Ok, ill try that, but can I make this into an addon, like:


And the sounds will be included in the addon.

Not without an info.txt file.

Easiest way to do that is just copy some other addon’s info.txt and edit the name and author lines.


nothing worked

Nothing worked! Rawr

Is this still an ongoing issue?

If you’re trying Divran_'s code, there is an error with it, it looks like he didn’t know that garrysmod/ was the root instead of sounds/.

Anyways, try this instead of Divran_'s code.

Also, for addon format, use a directory structure like

Hope this helps!