Clients downloading stuff from server issue.

When people join my dedicated server, they see errors and missing textures where props are supposed to be. How do i make it so when clients join, they download the models and materials?

If it’s a dedicated server, are you using sv_downloadurl or not? If you aren’t, then the easiest way is to use something like resource smart to add all the files to the download list:

Of course, your killing your internet if they don’t have a huge addon like PHX or wire.

I’ve added it to a download list, but it’s still not working.


I even tried setting up fast download, i put this in server.cfg but this it isn’t working either.

Bump, still no solution.

There is which you can use.

I used that, it still doesn’t work. I just want it so clients download models and materials when they join.

I added you on steam nontheless, I’ll be able to help better there.

Ok thanks.