Clients get untextured models & force clients to redownload?

On my server, I have some custom models for the PointShop, they all work for me, but SOMETIMES, they are just purple & black aka missing materials for OTHERS. The materials are getting downloaded for the clients from my FastDL server, and the paths are correct in the resource.lua file, as well as for the model in the PointShop. For example, I have 4 Resident Evil playermodels, they all work fine for me and a friend of mine, but for some other players, they are missing the materials. All models have the materials for me, but for my friend, only a few of them. Anyone know what’s causing this, and how to fix it?

It seems to work if add the workshop id as a resource so that the player gets them from the workshop as well, which is very weird, because the models I use AND point to, are extracted using GMad.

Also, how do I force clients to re-download files that I have modified on the server?

Thanks in advance

You can’t force to redownload modified files.
The missing textures might be caused by crappy FastDL setup or crappy material naming, in which case Linux users might have problems since Linux is case sensitive and stuff.

Thanks for the quick answer.
The server is running on Linux, correct. However, the paths are generated by Fox-Warriors amazing utility, and I haven’t modified the paths or anything after generating the paths.

Regarding forcing to redownload…well…that’s a huge pain in the ass. This means I’m gonna have to make sure my taunts are at the exact perfect volume (which still requires me to test them on the server) and then rename them all and re-specify them in the config…oh geez…

The file/folder names and the paths in .vmts is what matters. The fact that your server is on Linux shouldn’t matter, what matters is Linux clients. Although is’s just a theory.

I see. Ok, for example, the Lich King playermodel, I have put it in models/lichking/, meaning the textures are located in “models\lichking\materials\models\maxxy\lich_king_enhanced” but the .vmt provided says "“models\maxxy\lich_king_enhanced\lich_king_1"” - is that the issue?

Do you even know what “case sensitive” is? If everything is lowercased, then there’s no problem with that. Post your FastDL link and a path to the missing texture.

I know very well what case sensitive is, I pointed out however, that I put the model into it’s own directory first, called “lichking” but never specified it in the .vmt, cause I don’t know if you have to do that. I wasn’t talking about case sensitive. is my FastDL folder. - materials for lich king.

models\maxxy\lich_king_enhanced\lich_king_1 - this is the path in the .vmt for the basetextures. What I mean is, do I need to specify the folder I added it in as well? The first folder called “lichking” inside models/

That’s not how you set up a FastDL. As I suspected, your FastDL is fucked up.
Your FastDL must resemble the garrysmod folder, so you gotta extract all folders from files/gmod/models/hatsunemiku/ etc to files/gmod/

You don’t seem to understand. It was set up the correct way, just that I modified some paths. Now, the models aren’t even loading in the PointShop, and whenever you are in the Playermodels tab, it lags like absolute shit.

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Also, it DID resemble the garrysmod folder, just that, as I said in my previous post, “that I put the model into it’s own directory first, called “lichking””.

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Yep. Fixed it. The .vmts had to be edited.

I appreciate your help, but read what people have written before telling them their things are fucked up.