Clients No Longer Recieve ConVars or NWVars

Everything seems to be working fine server-side, but with today’s (March 25) update, major parts of my code involving a HUD no longer work, as well as a system for transmitting/receiving the angles of NWEntity.

Unfortunately this will be next to impossible for me to fix because nothing is generating Lua errors whatsoever.



timer.Simple( GAMEMODE.RoundPreStartTime, function() GAMEMODE:RoundStart() end )
SetGlobalInt( "RoundNumber", iNum )
SetGlobalFloat( "RoundStartTime", CurTime() + GAMEMODE.RoundPreStartTime )

GAMEMODE:OnPreRoundStart( GetGlobalInt( "RoundNumber" ) )
GAMEMODE:SetInRound( true )

roundnumber = GetGlobalInt( “RoundNumber”)

if roundnumber > 0 then
	draw.RoundedBox( 0,HH + 444,ScrH() - 58,56,38, Color( teamclr.r,teamclr.g,teamclr.b,teamclr.a - hudalpha ))
    surface.SetDrawColor( 0,0,0,200 )
    surface.DrawOutlinedRect( HH + 444,ScrH() - 58,56,38 )
	draw.SimpleTextOutlined( "KILLS", "DermaDefault",HH + 472,ScrH() - 53, Color( 250,50,50,220 ),TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER,0,1,Color( 0,0,0,255 ))
    draw.SimpleTextOutlined( frags, "DermaScores",HH + 472,ScrH() - 43, Color( 250,50,50,220 ),TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER,0,1,Color( 0,0,0,255 ))


In this case Kills will no longer show at all on the screen because the GetGlobalInt(“RoundNumber”) is failing to return anything but -1

I put that in there to prevent Lua errors from nil values in pre-round. RoundNumber is -1 during pre-round/connection time, but SHOULD be a positive integer during gameplay.

Any ideas what might be causing this sort of thing to happen?

Update your server to latest version, and tell your clients to so as well.

YES! Thank you this fixed it on my test server. Now I just need to get an NFO representative to run an app_update on our rental unit!