Clients not download Darkrp off server

I got a server with brohosters, exported my gamemode/files from xenon, transferred the database files and everything worked until about 5 hours in when someone complained that their HUD is the normal base gamemode HUD, the tab menu was base’s menu, and basically everything was the base gamemode.

People lucky enough to have already joined when the server was working and downloaded the files say it works for them every time they join. I tried reinstalling darkrp from scratch and then renaming my “Garrysmod” folder so I could download the files from the server. It worked at first, but once again, it stopped about 5 hours in(I deleted garrysmod folder and rejoined my server)

Brohosters don’t have FastDL, that might be one problem, but could anyone explain why my darkrp is downloadable only for a certain period of time? When it works it says “downloading lua cache”. When it doesn’t work it doesnt say that. What’s wrong with my server?

Did you copy over server.cfg from Xenon as well?
If so remove the “sv_downloadurl” line from it.