Clients not downloading map

For some reason the clients and me cannot download the map from my server. I have the .bsp placed in the maps folder and i have already bzipped it. I also added it to the fastdl already. I can’t figure out what the problem is.

Do you get any errors when trying to download it from the server? Like “Cannot download maps/example.bsp” (Or something along the lines of that). Or does the download progress bar make no progress?

developer 4
download_debug 1

join the server, post console output

How large is the map?

if it’s FastDL it doesn’t matter

I missed that detail… Sorry.

Nevermind i fixed by adding

net_maxfilesize 99

that isn’t correct anyway, it caps at 64 and is for non-FastDL only

I always thought maps are not downloaded with FastDL.


Quite simple.
Map downloading seems to be a feature common to all Source games.
And, knowing the effectiveness of VALVe software (coughHammercough*)*, I assumed it cannot be overrided.

so they would leave 20KB textures to be downloaded via HTTP, but 64MB+ maps to be downloaded at 20KB/s?

Because hammer has everything to do with source networking.

Not trying to bash you, just saying that’s a dumb association you’ve built. You’ve effectively associated cantaloupes and watermelons.