Clients not downloading models and materials

Hello i have a custom darkrp on my server and it has car’s etc but when players join they dont download any files and all the cars are errors. how would i make them download? im using

Help would be greately appreciated!


You could add all the files needed into forceddownloads.lua:

Hope this helps…

Thanks i made a generator so i dont have to make tons of them :slight_smile:

would you be willing to share this generator? I mean I know there is a script to add directories but…

Sure add me on steam

why not just post it here?

I did :slight_smile:


Where in this thread is there any information regarding the “generator” you used?


It was a easy code :slight_smile:

Easy for SOME. Not for others.

Thats all beside the point. You never posted it despite your message saying you did.

Thanks for posting.