Clients not downloading updated files from FastDL

Hi, first of, sorry if this was posted already, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.

I have the following problem: I made an addon with some custom resources (sounds, materials), put it on my server and put the resources on FastDL. Everything works fine, except when I update any resource file (both on the server and the FastDL), the client won’t download the updated file - it still uses the old one it downloaded the first time. I know this could be solved by manually removing all the files from the clients, but of course you can’t do that for all players. Another solution would be to keep changing names of the updated files so the client would think of it as a completely new file, but that sounds really stupid.

So, is there any way to make clients download the changed/updated files from FastDL? Thanks in advance.

If you want clients to download a new version of a file via FastDL you need to rename the file. FastDL doesn’t overwrite files which already exist.

Alternatively it would be better to use the Workshop system as the files download quicker, and can be updated.