Clientside 2d animations

Can someone explain how to animate 2d shapes on the player’s screen? I understand how to draw shapes for the most part but I’m completely lost as for making them move/resize ingame.

Text fades in then shrinks to about half-size then fades out

Primarily my purpose in making this post was to learn how to make a rectangle that shortens in coordination with a timer (ie a bar starts out at full length then shortens until it disappears after five seconds)

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Just move the thing based on CurTime, change its width based on CurTime, use built in Derma animation library or use the one that was posted around here some time ago.

This isn’t rocket science, you just need to figure out what way you want to do this ( Using a panel, or a HUDPaint, I would go for a panel ), and then do the math and that’s it.

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Oh, and forget about the timer library for this task.

That helps somewhat. Thank you.