Clientside addons aren't working.

So none of my clientside addons are working on my server currently. I set it so my server would run sv_allowcslua 1, but it doesn’t seem to work. My server always has sv_cheats set to 1 as well. I heard that would also allow clientside lua to run, but it doesn’t seem to work at all. Not sure if this is something new, or if I have to put the command for it somewhere else.

if the addons were from gmod 12 and you didn’t update then, they may be broken. You should also try singleplayer first.

I know the addons work for sure in singleplayer. They also worked on my friends server, but he never even touched sv_allowcslua or sv_cheats. Not sure what to do anymore. Might just put the addons onto the server, but even then, that probably won’t work because my server wont mount most of the workshop addons I tell it to.

I always had to load them manually via lua_openscript_cl to get them to work.