Clientside Addons Don't Work

Hello, me and my friend play often together garrysmod
The problem is, that when i join i can’t use any clientside addons
like smartsnap, gb-radial etc.

And my friend doesn’t have any ULX or ASSmod, just regular addons

Combine Mech
and some more

So… is there a command that can re-enable this?

You both have to have to same addons as eachother if one is hosting the server.

You don’t.

Are you sure those addons are in your addon folder? :v:
Else the server could have scriptenforcer on

I copied all he’s addons to my garrysmod folder
My addons are in the addons folder
The ScriptEnforcer was 1

if we set the ScriptEnforcer to 0, then i reconnected
I couldn’t do anything, voicechat, regular chat, spawn menu(Q)
if he turned it back on, my game crashed