Clientside Damage Sounds

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Now today, we’ll be discussing the creation of a clientside script, if this even requires a script, that adds and/or changes the noises made when the player recieves any damage.

Now, for those of us who have gone through the Resistance and Liberation sound files or played the mod will know that when the player takes damage, it plays a sound like: “Ah…Shit” or “Oh fuck”.

Realistic is it not?

I want to know if this is possible in Garry’s Mod (Clientside) or whether I can just rename the files and drop them into “X” folder.

It’s probably possible with lua but yes, like you said, placing the sounds at the right place will do the trick as well.
To find out where exactly use GcfScape to poke around the game files and find which files you want to be replacing.

Mkay. If anyone knows the player damage sound file names, please, do tell.
But until then I’ll look with gcfscape.

//Girl Pain
ent:EmitSound( “vo/npc/female01/pain0”…math.random(1,9)…".wav", 100, 100 )
//Guy Pain
ent:EmitSound( “vo/npc/male01/pain0”…math.random(1,9)…".wav", 100, 100 )

What I use most of the time for pain sounds.