Clientside functions in cl_init aren't getting called on SNPCs

I’ve tried a lot of snpcs from and none of them calls any function from the cl_init file. They still work, though.

I put a print in ENT:Draw() and it doesn’t print.

I tried [lua]lua_run_cl LocalPlayer():GetEyeTrace().Entity:Draw()[/lua] and it printed my print once exectued.

What could be wrong?

ENT:Draw() will only execute when you actually looking at the position of the entity, otherwise it will not be called.

the npc is up in the players face, it’s not getting called

the same thing with ENT:Think()

Is its rendergroup correct?

Dunno. Is it?


I’ve seen the same thing, none of the clientside hooks for SNPCs are called.

Oh well. I’m going for my other solution then.