CLientside IP Script

A clientside script that will capture the IPs of all players in the server.

Name - Steamid - IP

Or so.

It can be a simple console print or advanced derma.

Sound’s like someone wants to DOS/DDOS. >_> Why you need the IPs?

Client’s don’t need to know the IP’s of players enough said, and they shouldn’t have access to them anyway.

BaconBot V4 has a feature for getting all the clients IP


Yep, he is Loures after all.


Baconbot doesn’t capture 1/3rd of the IPs printed.

Because it only captures the ones of players who join after the BaconBot user has joined.


i think he means that he wants the server to print to clients “Players Dingusnin - steam id - ip - has joined” , its simple enough if you want that , but it would need to be on both server and client

He said “clientside”?

Eheh, I was going to say don’t buy it but whatever :stuck_out_tongue:

If you ask me, everybody in this theater is a giant sucker! Why pay for something when you can download it for free.

Did I told him to buy it?