Clientside LUA file won't run on server unless the server has the same LUA file

So I recently made this addon,

As it works perfectly fine in Singleplayer, I just can’t get Gmod to recognize the command to open the menu when on a server.
The command is “+acts”.

The file is saved in lua/autorun/client/animator.lua
And here is the sourcecode, if someone is wondering.

Any help on why this won’t run on servers without this addon will be greatly appreciated.
The idea is to have it 100% clientside. Just press a button, and select an act.

Marked as solved, because it would involve sv_allowcslua set to 1. As commented by ****code_gs and Acecool

That’s because the server doesn’t have sv_allowcslua set to 1, so clientside lua not on the server can’t be run.

Oh, okay. That actually makes sense. Didn’t know about that command. There is no way around that I take it then?

Client-side Lua will not run automatically on servers with sv_allowcslua set to 1 without the player running it manually.

If the server has the addon installed; it will work.

Edit: Ninja’d in a way; left the page open too long before answering.

There’s a way around it, but it would involve forcing sv_allowcslua to 1 on the server, which is no bueno.

I’d also recommend editing your code; you have all of the buttons declared as globals.

define it as local button = …; at least for the first one.

Alright. Better just leave it as is then. Thanks.

Didn’t see your post Acecool until after I posted.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll be sure to do that in the next update.