Clientside Lua

I play on some servers which allow clientside lua, which made me curious. I have tried Google, etc but have yet to find a good tutorial on what I could do with it and how.

you can do anything you want clientside with it

Actually you can do lot of things (I only can imagine Aimbots and customs hud)

What? Why do you disagree with me? You can literally do anything you want to do clientside with clientside lua… it’s common sense…

HUDs, Chat Messages, 2D3D, etc.

Any shared/clientside function.

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You can automate gameplay and display information presented to you by the gamemode and by lua.

Don’t forget a lot of serverside stuff too with gameevent.Listen.

Can be used client-side as well.

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this is how ip grabbing used to work back in gm12


SERVER-REALM – Only the SERVER can receive this hook. gameevent.Listen(“player_connect”)

is wrong as well, it works on both client + server. The only difference is that a player’s IP is not sent client-side, and cannot be grabbed. (Already tried with a module as well, it’s not possible AFAIK)